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ARTIST. daki | 순애보

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OpenSea에서 ARTIST. daki의 PFP를 구매하실 수 있습니다.
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순애보 (Art. daki)
Lyrics by daki
Composed by daki
Arranged by daki
Mixed & Mastered by daki

Project Director Hammond (김동현)
Artwork by BUBO
Presented by UDCY

펼치기” a=”ARTIST. daki” y=”_S1cGX6UvQE” b=”Anonymous Artists” c=”순애보 (Art. daki)” d=”YG PLUS” e=”2023.04.28″ f=”R&B/Soul|인디음악” g=”11233232″ t=”0″ i=”anonymous-artists” j=”Anonymous Artists(어나니머스 아티스트)” k=”anonymous-artists-eonanimeoseu-atiseuteu” l=”yg-plus” m=”rb-soul|indieumag” n=”1″ o=”anonymous-artists” h=””]

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