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Produced by 소동 (Sodong)

01 Forrest Gump
Composed by Haku, 양승윤
Lyrics by 양승윤
Arranged by Haku, 양승윤

Vocals by 양승윤
Chorus by 양승윤
Guitars by Haku
Bass by Haku
Synthesizer by Haku
Drums Programming by Haku

Mixed and Mastered by Haku @ SCND
Dolby Atmos Mix by Haku @ SCND

펼치기” a=”Forrest Gump” y=”AG5GrfXrP_0″ b=”소동 (Sodong)” c=”Forrest Gump” d=”더 볼트” e=”2023.04.25″ f=”R&B/Soul|인디음악” g=”11230183″ t=”0″ i=”sodong-sodong” j=”소동 (Sodong)” k=”sodong-sodong” l=”deo-bolteu” m=”rb-soul|indieumag” n=”1″ o=”sodong-sodong” h=””]

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