[tube p=”(더 보울스) The Bowls [BBA]

The Bowls [BBA]


Lyrics 서건호
Music 서건호
Arrange 서건호, 박준성, 윤현섭, 이학수, 임성현

– 서건호 – Vocals, Acoustic guitar, Electric guitar, Percussions, Keys, Fx
– 박준성 – Electric guitar
– 윤현섭 – Bass
– 이학수 – Drums
– 임성현 – Keys

Written by 서건호
Produced by Pedro Da Silva Resende (Tahiti80)
Arranged by The Bowls (더 보울스)
Recorded by 최성준 (STUDIO801),김정민 (STUDIO WANSUNG)
Mixed by Pedro Da Silva Resende (Tahiti80)
Mastered by Philip Shaw Bova (Bova Lab Studio)
Recorded At Studio Ark / Guitar-Repair / Studio Wansung
Artwork by 이한수

펼치기” a=”BBA” y=”_9gqycBfVKA” b=”The Bowls” c=”BBA” d=”미러볼뮤직” e=”2023.04.27″ f=”인디음악|록/메탈” g=”11232178″ t=”0″ i=”the-bowls” j=”더 보울스 (The Bowls)” k=”deo-boulseu-the-bowls” l=”mireobolmyujig” m=”indieumag|rog-metal” n=”1″ o=”the-bowls” h=””]

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