[tube p=”‘015B’ [It’s a New Christmas (Feat. 박정현)]

많은 것이 바뀌었어도 변하지 않는 건
내 소중한 모두들 메리 크리스마스!!!

New Edition 56 ‘It’s a New Christmas (Feat. 박정현)’

Produced by 015B
Lyrics, Composed & Arranged by 정석원
Piano, Keyboards & Drums Programming by 정석원
Samples Edited by 정석원
Guitars by 장호일
Bass by 김진환

Vocals & Chorus by 박정현
Recorded by 정호진 @ sound POOL studios / 정석원 @ The Mill
Mixed by 김영식 @ The Mill
Mastered by 정석원 @The Mill

Album Cover_Artwork & Design by 배하진
Lyric Video_Directed by 배하진, Artwork & Design by 배하진, Edited by 김준규

Thanks to
박정현, 본부엔터테인먼트 김현서 대표

펼치기” a=”New Edition 56″ y=”lhtel4YRWFU” b=”015B” c=”It′s a New Christmas (Feat. 박정현)|It′s a New Christmas (Feat. 박정현) (Sped Up Version)|It′s a New Christmas (Inst.)” d=”Dreamus” e=”2023.11.15″ f=”재즈” g=”11364770″ t=”0″ i=”015b” j=”015B” k=”015b” l=”dreamus” m=”jaejeu” n=”1|1|” o=”015b” h=””]

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