[tube p=”내 20대는 운율로 가득차 있다
잘 살았네요


Written and Performed by Austn
Composed by Austn, HIRO
Arranged by HIRO, 황동찬
Mixed & Mastered by 황동찬

펼치기” a=”okinawa2023″ y=”IKuf4FxfKL4″ b=”Austn (오스틴)” c=”okinawa2023 (prod. HIRO)” d=”지니뮤직” e=”2023.11.12″ f=”R&B/Soul|인디음악” g=”11362931″ t=”0″ i=”austn-oseutin” j=”Austn (오스틴)” k=”austn-oseutin” l=”jinimyujig” m=”rb-soul|indieumag” n=”1″ o=”austn-oseutin” h=””]

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