[tube p=”EID® AVND
‘wherever we go, we just touring around the world. anywhere, anytime’

■ 크레딧

작곡 : P4BLO
작사 : AVND, Om
편곡 : P4BLO

펼치기” a=”Downtime (Feat. Om)” y=”o0Dg7cFiTqk” b=”AVND” c=”Downtime (Feat. Om)” d=”오감엔터테인먼트” e=”2023.11.09″ f=”R&B/Soul” g=”11361471″ t=”0″ i=”avnd” j=”AVND” k=”avnd” l=”ogamenteoteinmeonteu” m=”rb-soul” n=”1″ o=”avnd” h=””]

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