[tube p=”Only when the once blazing heart grows cold, freezing far beyond neutrality, do we truly grasp the depth of a love that has already departed. Amid the process of pain and recovery, we find ourselves contemplating the idea of rediscovering love someday. In this journey of illustrating love’s beginning and end in various styles, B.I extends a consoling letter to those who continue through life carrying the weight of all farewells and voids within them.

This album, which is like a letter from B.I, contains a CD of five tracks, a lyrics paper written like a letter, and postcards capturing precious moments.

펼치기” a=”Love or Loved Part.2″ y=”DDsuDUu0uv0″ b=”B.I” c=”Loved|4 Letters (Feat. James Reid)|Alone (Feat. TYTAN)|S.O.S|All shook up (Feat. Agnez Mo)” d=”Sony Music” e=”2023.11.10″ f=”R&B/Soul|댄스” g=”11362870″ t=”0″ i=”b-i” j=”B.I” k=”b-i” l=”sony-music” m=”rb-soul|daenseu” n=”1|1|1|1|1″ o=”b-i” h=””]

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