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Lyrics by 부현석
Composed by SLO (슬로) , 유월
Arranged by SLO (슬로) , 유월
Mixed and Mastered by KOREANGROOVE @koreangroove
art direction & design. 616 @cpu_616
photography. 616 @cpu_616
Published by C.P.U

펼치기” a=”MMM” y=”8kCQFotvv5w” b=”부현석” c=”MMM” d=”YG PLUS” e=”2023.12.05″ f=”랩/힙합” g=”11377875″ t=”0″ i=”buhyeonseog” j=”부현석” k=”buhyeonseog” l=”yg-plus” m=”raeb-hibhab” n=”1″ o=”buhyeonseog” h=””]

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