[tube p=”지치지 않냐고 내게 물었던 너
그럴 일 없을 거야, Cuz I’m your hero


Executive Producer 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim)
Producer cossoff, 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim)

Lyrics by cossoff
Composed by cossoff, 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim)
Arranged by 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim), cossoff

Piano : 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim)
Bass : 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim)
Chorus : cossoff
Acoustic Guitar : 지유민

Mixed and Mastered by 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim) at NETM Studio

M/V Directed and Edited by 김규원 (Kyuwon ‘Q’ Kim), cossoff

펼치기” a=”Hero” y=”JeG3NyKIy_w” b=”cossoff (코스오프)” c=”Hero” d=”㈜뮤직앤뉴” e=”2023.11.06″ f=”R&B/Soul|인디음악” g=”11358442″ t=”0″ i=”cossoff-koseuopeu” j=”cossoff (코스오프)” k=”cossoff-koseuopeu” l=”ju-myujigaennyu” m=”rb-soul|indieumag” n=”1″ o=”cossoff-koseuopeu” h=””]

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