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Lyrics by MRSHLL
Composed by MRSHLL, Deepshower
Produced by Deepshower

All Vocals by MRSHLL
Vocal Mixing by MRSHLL
Track Mixing by Deepshower
Mastering by STEEPY(스티피) at NEVER THE LESS Seoul Studio

펼치기” a=”FEELiNGs (New Love)” y=”z2Jiegss0YM” b=”Deepshower (딥샤워)” c=”FEELiNGs (New Love)” d=”포크라노스” e=”2023.05.21″ f=”일렉트로니카” g=”11248416″ t=”0″ i=”deepshower-dibsyaweo” j=”Deepshower (딥샤워)|마샬 (MRSHLL)” k=”deepshower-dibsyaweo|masyal-mrshll” l=”pokeuranoseu” m=”ilregteuronika” n=”1″ o=”deepshower-dibsyaweo” h=””]

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