[tube p=”DeVita, DS [Letters to Santa]

All Tracks Lyrics by DeVita
All Tracks Composed by DeVita, GRAY
All Tracks Arranged by GRAY
All Tracks Mixed & Mastered by GRAY @ grayground.

펼치기” a=”Letters to Santa” y=”orOIRFMOTQ8″ b=”DeVita” c=”I’ve Been Naughty, Mr. Claus|I Still Believe in Santa|Santa, Give Me What I Need” d=”지니뮤직|Stone Music Entertainment” e=”2023.11.15″ f=”R&B/Soul” g=”11364388″ t=”1″ i=”devita” j=”DeVita” k=”devita” l=”jinimyujig|stone-music-entertainment” m=”rb-soul” n=”1|1|1″ o=”devita” h=””]

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