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Artist l 그래쓰 (GRASS)
Music Producer 310

Lyrics by 그래쓰, Chan (찬), whvts
Composed by Chan, whvts
Arranged by whvts, Chan

Vocal 그래쓰 (GRASS)

Drums and MIDI Programming by Chan, whvts
Bass by Chan
Keys by Chan
Guitars by Chan
BGVs by 그래쓰, Chan

Vocal Directed by 사운드킴(Sound Kim)

Recorded by 김준상 at DF Studio
Mixed by Chan at blessfor studio
Mastered by 권남우 at 821 Sound Mastering

Photo by halsbana

Management / ONGRAY
Executive Producer 배훈광

Artist Management 신현서
A&R Director 권주영
A&R Assistant 서여경
Marketing 최재원

Distributed by YG PLUS

그래쓰 (GRASS)

Instagram l @kim.asha.1

Excutive / 2023 ONGRAY

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