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1. 예뻐요 (feat. Jayci yucca(제이씨 유카))

Composed by 그리즐리(Grizzly), 아빈(AVIN), SLAY, 김재성, Chase, Jayci yucca
Lyrics by 그리즐리(Grizzly), Jayci yucca, 아빈(AVIN), SLAY, 김긍정(PNP), Jinuary(Music Cube)
Arranged by 김재성, Chase
Drum by Chase
Bass by 김재성
Piano by SLAY
Synth by 아빈(AVIN)
Guitar by Opro

2. O.M.G

Composed by 팀콜럼버스, Marcus Hall
Lyrics by 팀콜럼버스, 김소하(ARTiffect)
Arranged by 팀콜럼버스
Drum by 크래커(CRACEKR)
Bass by 유현욱
Guitar by 임민기
B.V by 그리즐리(Grizzly), 크래커(CRACKER)

3. 끝

Composed by 팀콜럼버스
Lyrics by 팀콜럼버스
Arranged by 팀콜럼버스
Drum by 크래커(CRACEKR)
Bass by 임민기
Guitar by 임민기
Piano by 김단비
B.V by 그리즐리(Grizzly), 김호연

4. we could be (feat. Chan)

Composed by 그리즐리(Grizzly), no2zcat, pac odd, Chan
Lyrics by 그리즐리(Grizzly), Chan
Arranged by no2zcat, pac odd
Guitar by 김지섭

Executive Produced by 이정윤, 고은호 @EGO Group Ltd.
A&R Marketing by 신민아, 김현서, 고지원 @EGO Group Ltd.
Media Contents by 경미나, 김서아 @EGO Group Ltd.
Mixed by Manny Park at Sig Recording’s, 배소윤
Mastered by 권남우 @821SOUND
Cover Directed by Yjcho, Omusi yoon
Art design by @727.trades
Hair & Makeup by Semin bak, Yuri choi
Distributed by NHN 벅스

펼치기” a=”꽃zip3″ y=”ZIa72lSkrEw” b=”그리즐리 (Grizzly)” c=”예뻐요 (feat. Jayci yucca(제이씨 유카))|O.M.G|끝|we could be (feat. Chan)” d=”NHN벅스” e=”2023.09.18″ f=”R&B/Soul|인디음악” g=”11328192″ t=”0″ i=”geurijeulri-grizzly” j=”그리즐리 (Grizzly)” k=”geurijeulri-grizzly” l=”nhnbeogseu” m=”rb-soul|indieumag” n=”1|1|1|1″ o=”geurijeulri-grizzly” h=””]

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