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Produced by Gila
Composed by Gila
Lyrics by Gila
Arranged by Gila
Recorded and Performed by Gila
Vocals by Gila
Guitars by Gila
Bass by Gila
Drums by Gila
Keyboards by Gila
Mixed by Gila
Mastered by Gila
Artwork by OHAMKING

펼치기” a=”E-RIDING” y=”xz5ckIAIDMY” b=”Gila (길라)” c=”E-RIDING” d=”포크라노스” e=”2023.09.03″ f=”인디음악|록/메탈” g=”11318547″ t=”0″ i=”gila-gilra” j=”Gila (길라)” k=”gila-gilra” l=”pokeuranoseu” m=”indieumag|rog-metal” n=”1″ o=”gila-gilra” h=””]

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