[tube p=”Conditions Of Happiness
행복의 조건

영화 ‘사채소년’ OST


composed & lyrics by gogang

Piano by 조바울
E.Guitar by 지미
Bass by Hourloop
Programming by gogang

Mixed by 박종현 of Joode Works
Mastered by Joseph J Park of HBMS

Cover designed by Hourloop

펼치기” a=”Conditions Of Happiness (영화 ‘사채소년’ original soundtrack)” y=”9Q3_XO93dxs” b=”Gogang (고갱)” c=”Conditions Of Happiness” d=”Dreamus” e=”2023.11.25″ f=”국내영화” g=”11372122″ t=”0″ i=”gogang-gogaeng” j=”Gogang (고갱)” k=”gogang-gogaeng” l=”dreamus” m=”gugnaeyeonghwa” n=”1″ o=”gogang-gogaeng” h=””]

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