[tube p=”“MISS THE CITY”

1. Dreams Come True (Feat. SINCE)
Lyrics by heroincity, SINCE
Produced by Malthe Just , Gabe Lucas, heroincity, SINCE
Arranged by Malthe Just , Gabe Lucas

2. Down
Lyrics by heroincity
Produced by Theevoni, heroincity
Arranged by Theevoni

3. That’s Right
Lyrics by heroincity
Produced by daall, heroincity
Arranged by daall

4. 가진 게 없어도 (Feat. KOR KASH)
Lyrics by heroincity, KOR KASH
Produced by Junwaa, Theevoni, JUNSU, heroincity, KOR KASH
Arranged by Junwaa, Theevoni, JUNSU

5. 네가 떠나도
Lyrics by heroincity
Produced by obmus1c, Theevoni, Jung Eden , heroincity
Arranged by obmus1c, Theevoni, Jung Eden
Mixing by heroincity, 유한민 @Oceanwave Sound Lab
Mastered by 유한민 @Oceanwave Sound Lab
Artwork by 신영진 @shinkimyoungjin

펼치기” a=”MISS THE CITY” y=”LB4d8XoFQFc” b=”heroincity” c=”Dreams Come True (Feat. SINCE)|Down|That’s Right|가진 게 없어도 (Feat. KOR KASH)|네가 떠나도” d=”워너뮤직/ADA” e=”2023.11.24″ f=”랩/힙합” g=”11371404″ t=”1″ i=”heroincity” j=”heroincity (히어로인시티)” k=”heroincity-hieoroinsiti” l=”weoneomyujig-ada” m=”raeb-hibhab” n=”1|1|1|1|1″ o=”heroincity” h=””]

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