[tube p=”‘Rhythm and Blues’

Executive Produced by 진동기 at 비티엔터테인먼트
Produced by 이하이, 환희

Lyrics by 히키(Hickee)
Composed by 히키(Hickee), Waveshower
Arranged by Waveshower

Vocal Directed by 히키(Hickee)
Guitar YOUNG
Bass Waveshower
Drums Waveshower
Keyboard Waveshower
MIDI programming Waveshower
BGVs 히키(Hickee)

Recorded by 김태현 at Studio M-lab, 허인국(GALLERY) at GALLERY STUDIO
Digital edited by 김태현 at Studio M-lab
Mixed by 홍성준 at 개나리싸운드
Mastered by 최효영 at SUONO Mastering

Artwork by 김병완

Music Publishied by Music Combine

All Presented By BT ENTERTAINMENT inc.

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