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Lyrics by Galdive, Milena (밀레나)
Composed by HYESUNG (혜성), Galdive, Waizmin, Milena (밀레나)
Arranged by HYESUNG (혜성), Galdive, Waizmin

Trumpet by Q the trumpet
Drum by HYESUNG (혜성), Galdive, Waizmin
Chorus by Milena (밀레나), 쟈드 (Jade), Galdive
Piano by Waizmin, HYESUNG (혜성)
Orchestrated by Waizmin, HYESUNG (혜성)
Bass by Waizmin, HYESUNG (혜성)
Digital Edited by HYESUNG (혜성)

Mixed by HYESUNG (혜성)
Mastered by HYESUNG (혜성)

Artwork by wooksworks (@wooks_works)

펼치기” a=”Falling” y=”KWBf4y5bodU” b=”HYESUNG (혜성)” c=”Falling (feat. Milena (밀레나))” d=”지니뮤직|Stone Music Entertainment” e=”2023.12.10″ f=”R&B/Soul” g=”11381065″ t=”0″ i=”hyesung-hyeseong” j=”HYESUNG (혜성)” k=”hyesung-hyeseong” l=”jinimyujig|stone-music-entertainment” m=”rb-soul” n=”1″ o=”hyesung-hyeseong” h=””]

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