[tube p=”‘임하람’ [Ghost]

‘I can be your light’


Produce : Ryan IM

Photograph : 지준영

Composed : EJO IM, Uknow, 임하람
Lyrics : EJO IM, KATCHY, 임하람
Arranged : EJO IM, Uknow, 임하람
All Instrument : EJO IM, Uknow
Computer Programming : EJO IM, Uknow
Vocal Direct : EJO IM
Background Vocal : 임하람
Digital Edit : KATCHY, YuJin
Record Engineer : YuJin
Mix : EJO IM, Uknow
Master : Ryan IM

펼치기” a=”Ghost” y=”H2GtA3NbKAM” b=”임하람” c=”Ghost” d=”지니뮤직|Stone Music Entertainment” e=”2023.10.30″ f=”R&B/Soul” g=”11353098″ t=”0″ i=”imharam” j=”임하람” k=”imharam” l=”jinimyujig|stone-music-entertainment” m=”rb-soul” n=”1″ o=”imharam” h=””]

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