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Producer: Luli Lee
Song Writing and Lyrics: Luli Lee
Vocal, Bass, Guitar, and Programming: Luli Lee
Mixing and Mastering: Luli Lee

[MV & Artwork]
Director: Luli Lee
Camera: Kim Moonha
Drums: Rummy
Photography: Minsoo Yoon

Thanks to my live band members – Leni (Guitar) and Rummy (Drums)

© 2023 Knight Airport. All Rights Reserved.

펼치기” a=”I Want You” y=”ZfCLCfBy07Y” b=”이루리” c=”I Want You|I Want You (Instrumental)” d=”포크라노스” e=”2023.08.22″ f=”록/메탈|인디음악” g=”11310084″ t=”0″ i=”iruri” j=”이루리” k=”iruri” l=”pokeuranoseu” m=”rog-metal|indieumag” n=”1|” o=”iruri” h=””]

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