[tube p=”잭더라즈 (Jack the lads) [Because of U]

널 처음 봤을때 아무생각 없던 내가
지금 너 때문에 아무것도 못하겠어
All is Because of U !


Produced by 잭더라즈 (Jack The Lads)
Composed by 이원희, 백달현, 변성훈, 허진혁
Lyrics by 이원희
Arranged by 이원희, 백달현, 변성훈, 허진혁, 박현식, 사울 킴

Drum 허진혁
Bass 변성훈
Guitar 백달현
Piano 박현식
Synthsizer 사울 킴
Vocal 이원희

Digital Editing by 사울 킴
Vocal Production by 사울 킴
Recorded by 사울 킴
Programming by 사울 킴
Mixed by 사울 킴
Mastered by 사울 킴
Album artwork 오상호

펼치기” a=”Because of U” y=”BDpIuEfHtGk” b=”잭더라즈 (Jack the lads)” c=”Because of U” d=”미러볼뮤직” e=”2023.11.21″ f=”인디음악|록/메탈” g=”11368205″ t=”0″ i=”jaegdeorajeu-jack-the-lads” j=”잭더라즈 (Jack the lads)” k=”jaegdeorajeu-jack-the-lads” l=”mireobolmyujig” m=”indieumag|rog-metal” n=”1″ o=”jaegdeorajeu-jack-the-lads” h=””]

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