[tube p=”ENEMY.
“우리는 서로를 제일 잘 알던 남”

Composed by Jiselle, Purple, GEMINI, Maxx Song
Lyrics by Jiselle, GEMINI
Arranged by Purple
Guitar by Jang seong il (장성일)
Piano, synth, bass and drum by Purple
Vocal produced by Maxx Song
Background vocals by Jiselle, GEMINI
Mixed by Manny Park @sigrecordings
Master by Kwon Namwoo (권남우) @821 Sound Mastering

펼치기” a=”Enemy (feat. GEMINI)” y=”qL_ePV9R_Ts” b=”지젤 (Jiselle)” c=”Enemy (feat. GEMINI)” d=”YG PLUS” e=”2023.05.27″ f=”R&B/Soul” g=”11251940″ t=”0″ i=”jijel-jiselle” j=”지셀 (Jiselle)” k=”jisel-jiselle” l=”yg-plus” m=”rb-soul” n=”1″ o=”jijel-jiselle” h=””]

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