[tube p=”Produced by Nell

Recorded by Nell @Satellite Studio,
Hye-Seok Oh, Sang-Hyun Cho, Young-Rok Cho @M.O.L Studios,
DRK(Asst. Joon-Sang Kim, Min-Woo Ji, Jun-Young Kim) @Dream Factory Studio

Mixed by Jong-Wan Kim @Satellite Studio, DRK(Asst. Min-Woo Ji, Jun-Young Kim) @Koko Sound Studio

Mastered by Randy Merrill @Sterling Sound NY, Stuart Hawkes @Metropolis Studio London

펼치기” a=”Dystopian’s Eutopia” y=”x2En2r0Pzns” b=”넬 (NELL)” c=”Wanderer|Dystopian’s Eutopia|Crack the Code|Moon Shower|Hollow” d=”지니뮤직” e=”2023.11.13″ f=”록/메탈” g=”11363239″ t=”0|1|2″ i=”nel-nell” j=”넬 (NELL)” k=”nel-nell” l=”jinimyujig” m=”rog-metal” n=”1|1|1|1|1″ o=”nel-nell” h=””]

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