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사랑해 사랑해


Song and Words by nokdu
Vocal by nokdu
Electric Guitar by nokdu
Bass Guitar by nokdu
Synthesizers by nokdu
Drum Programming by nokdu
Recording and Mixing by nokdu
Artwork by nokdu
Mastering by 강승희 Sonic Korea

펼치기” a=”PL#LOVE 2″ y=”XwIkzHiikgo” b=”nokdu” c=”나는 한다오” d=”YG PLUS” e=”2023.12.03″ f=”포크/블루스” g=”11376768″ t=”0″ i=”nokdu” j=”nokdu” k=”nokdu” l=”yg-plus” m=”pokeu-beulruseu” n=”1″ o=”nokdu” h=””]

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