[tube p=”창 밖에 비가 쏟아지는 밤, 나는 아침이 올 때까지 너를 떠올릴 거야.
우리는 함께여야 무너지지 않을 테니까.

우리가 몸을 기울여 서로에게 기대는 것. 함께하고 연대하며 사랑하는 것. 그것만이 이 어지러운 나날을 이겨 나갈 수 있는 방법이 아닐까.

On a rainy night, looking out the window, I’ll be thinking of you until the morning comes cause we need to be together to stay unshaken.

Leaning on each other, standing in solidarity, and loving one another. Perhaps that’s the only way to get through these wild days.

Album Credits

Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Synth, Keys – Offing
Bass – Susan Jung

Released on 16th August, 2023

Recorded at Comfy Cave Chuncheon
Written by – Offing
Arranged by – Offing
Mixed by – Offing
Mastered by – Offing @ Comfy Cave Chuncheon

Album Artwork by Offing

펼치기” a=”Tilted” y=”fV-k9H2iRT4″ b=”Offing” c=”Tilted” d=”포크라노스” e=”2023.08.16″ f=”인디음악|록/메탈” g=”11305532″ t=”0″ i=”offing” j=”Offing” k=”offing” l=”pokeuranoseu” m=”indieumag|rog-metal” n=”1″ o=”offing” h=””]

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