[tube p=”영화 같은 사랑을 아득히 꿈꾸다, 마침내 그 꿈을 이룬 어떤 이의 노래입니다.
오래된 흑백 영화의 한 장면처럼 머나먼 기억 한구석에 어렴풋이 자리할 노래가 되길 바라요.

It’s someone’s song that dreams of a movie-like love, and finally achieves that dream.
I hope it will be a song that will be dimly placed in a distant corner of memory like a scene from an old black-and-white movie.


작사 희연, 여운
작곡 희연, BYMORE
편곡 BYMORE, 희연

Produced by 새벽공방
Vocal & Chorus 희연
Guitar by 희연
Piano by 김진솔
Strings by 김진솔
Brass by 김진솔
Bass by 김진솔
Drums by 김진솔
Recorded by 희연, 김진솔
Mixed by 이동희 at 상상마당 춘천
Mastered by 권남우 at 821sound
Video Director Anthony King
Starring Iyanu
Photographer 송지훈
Artwork 희연 (designed by Freepik)

펼치기” a=”Cinema” y=”0OnqvwLXkSc” b=”새벽공방” c=”Cinema|Cinema (Inst.)” d=”워너뮤직” e=”2023.12.03″ f=”포크/블루스|인디음악” g=”11376560″ t=”0″ i=”saebyeoggongbang” j=”새벽공방” k=”saebyeoggongbang” l=”weoneomyujig” m=”pokeu-beulruseu|indieumag” n=”1|” o=”saebyeoggongbang” h=””]

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