[tube p=”문을 닫고 집에 오면 어깨가 나를 눌러

01. 집에 오면
작곡: Touch the Sky, mafiapohang, whereyouathan
작사: Touch the Sky
편곡: mafiapohang

piano by whereyouathan
drum by mafiapohang, Touch the Sky

Mixed & Mastered by The Quiett @Quiett Heaven
Artwork by LEERYAN

펼치기” a=”집에 오면” y=”SNop9Z8h_JE” b=”Touch the Sky” c=”집에 오면” d=”지니뮤직|Stone Music Entertainment” e=”2023.11.13″ f=”랩/힙합” g=”11363217″ t=”0″ i=”touch-the-sky” j=”Touch the Sky” k=”touch-the-sky” l=”jinimyujig|stone-music-entertainment” m=”raeb-hibhab” n=”1″ o=”touch-the-sky” h=””]

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