[tube p=”BOSS LADY (Feat. Mckdaddy)

Call me a lady but I’m a boss
Speakin’ truth, ain’t no bluff
Run this game, no matter the cost

Boss lady

없다고 pause

[Track Credit]
BOSS LADY (Feat. Mckdaddy)

prod by Hecop
composed by V1VA, Mckdaddy, Hecop
written by V1VA, Mckdaddy
recording directed and mixed by Lospark of Blackbear records
mastered by Sean Magee of AbbeyRoadStudio
artwork by Jeongmin Lee, Dayoung Jung

펼치기” a=”BOSS LADY” y=”r-tReyVyEWo” b=”V1VA (비바)” c=”BOSS LADY (Feat. Mckdaddy)” d=”지니뮤직” e=”2023.11.10″ f=”랩/힙합” g=”11362397″ t=”0″ i=”v1va-biba” j=”V1VA (비바)” k=”v1va-biba” l=”jinimyujig” m=”raeb-hibhab” n=”1″ o=”v1va-biba” h=””]

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