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『 Dear

The only thing I do know is that
we have to be kind.
Please, be kind.
Especially when we don’t know
what’s going on

(Everything Everywhere All At Once)

Best Wishes, 돌멩 』


Written and Composed by 예서인(Seo In Ye)
Produced and Arranged by 우재(WOOJAE)

Guitars by 신승광
Keys by 우재(WOOJAE)
Background Vocals by 예서인(Seo In Ye)

Vocal Edited by 예서인(Seo In Ye)
Mixed and Mastered by 우재(WOOJAE)

Photograph or Film by 이상은(Sangeun Lee)

펼치기” a=”Best Wishes, 돌멩” y=”7W_zr_d7sMY” b=”예서인(Seo In Ye)” c=”Best Wishes, 돌멩” d=”NHN벅스” e=”2023.11.26″ f=”R&B/Soul” g=”11372271″ t=”0″ i=”yeseoin-seo-in-ye” j=”예서인(Seo In Ye)” k=”yeseoin-seo-in-ye” l=”nhnbeogseu” m=”rb-soul” n=”1″ o=”yeseoin-seo-in-ye” h=””]

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